Junky Content Flood



AI, and specifically large language models, have transformed the world of content production. It has become incredibly easy to create content, leading to the World Wide Web being inundated with new material every second, much of it from those who typically wouldn’t engage in content creation.

In my opinion, with tools like ChatGPT or other AI writing assistants, the main challenge isn’t just writing the content, but making it worth consuming. This presents one of the biggest problems for brands, content editors, and most importantly, for the audience – how to avoid wasting time and money on creating and consuming information that lacks additional value.

What is the value of content?

For Brands:

For brands, it might be the search traffic that this content attracts, and they may feel that this is enough. But consider this: how much more traffic could Google drive to their website if the content were more valuable and engaging for readers? How many readers would bookmark their website after reading content that only offers common information, as is typical of LLMs? How many would continue searching for another, better source of information?

Therefore, I’d argue that the value of content for a brand lies in loyalty, thankfulness, and recognition from people who engage with the content.

For Readers:

Time is our most limited resource. We acknowledge this either consciously or unconsciously. That’s why reading a book that isn’t interesting, or watching a movie that fails to evoke any emotions, can feel like a theft of your time, leading to regret for having spent it that way. Remember all those tons of Facebook/LinkedIn posts from influencers-newcomers telling you about best practices (don’t count me 🙂)?

So, I’d say for readers, the value lies in “solving my problem” or “answiring my question.”

So, open questions are:

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Do you think something should be done against creating and distributing useless content-time-killers?

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